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Are the shortcomings often mentioned in industrial air pumps really exist?
Dec 24, 2018

There are many types of air pumps, and they are usually selected on demand. Among them, industrial air pumps are a common type, and people have evaluated it very well. The shortcomings about industrial air pumps are nothing more than noise, power consumption, high pressure, large volume, etc. What do you think of this?


Some people think that the noise of industrial air pumps is very high. Some old-fashioned air pumps do have similar problems, but the oil-free pumps after the transformation have done a good job in terms of noise. Moreover, if the opening and closing pressure of the industrial air pump can be reduced, the noise can be effectively controlled.

The so-called high power consumption should be reasonable under the same working conditions. Theoretically the same exhaust pressure, the same flow rate, the gas used by the industrial gas pump to output the same volume of gas should be the same. However, because the operating mechanism of the industrial air pump has a large self-weight, it is considered to be slightly higher in power consumption, but this is also negligible.

Since the general industrial air pump has its own pressure reducing valve, the pressure can be adjusted according to the demand, so it is basically stable, and there is no such thing as high air pressure. In terms of volume, industrial gas pumps are actually larger than other pumps, so industrial air pumps cannot be used in some situations where they need to be hidden or limited in space.

Therefore, as long as the proper use and rational use of industrial air pumps is good, sometimes even better than other air pumps. For example, it has its own gas-water separator, so there is no oil leakage problem; and there are safety valves and pressure switches as protective devices, so you don't have to worry about safety.