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Different requirements for air pump selection
Dec 24, 2018

1. During the whole process of use, the washers must be tightened with flat washers and spring washers;

2. it is good to use the rubber buffer rubber to bear the weight of the air pump, especially the relatively high power air pump, which is essential;

3. if it is for the occasion where the noise is relatively high, the sound-absorbing cotton can be added according to the requirements of the equipment itself, so that the relevant requirements for noise on the spot can be effectively met;

4. For the pipeline connection of the air pump in the inlet and outlet, it is good to connect the hose to prevent isolation and vibration;

5. When we use the muffler cotton, pay attention to ensure the distance between the air pump and the box, as well as the ventilation and heat dissipation of the air pump, and the weight of the pump using the rubber buffer rubber. These are all special attentions. Therefore, you can consult the manufacturer for specific conditions.