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How to clean the filter in the vortex pump
Dec 24, 2018

1. Before cleaning the filter in the vortex air pump, first observe the degree of contamination of the entire surface. If the pollution of the filter cotton is serious, then it can be replaced directly. If it is not particularly serious, use water to clean it. Cleaning can be done;

2, if the overall surface of the filter is not very dirty, we can use a vacuum cleaner or a compressor to vacuum, until the dust particles are not visible to the naked eye;

3. During the cleaning process, the filter of the vortex air pump is deformed, and it is basically not reusable and needs to be replaced;

Fourth, the entire cleaning process should be handled gently, do not damage the filter, or use a cleaning agent with corrosive and chemical substances to clean;

5. The filter should be cleaned once in half a month, and the correct and timely maintenance method should be developed to avoid unnecessary failure.

If the use environment of the vortex air pump is relatively harsh, in order to ensure the service life of the vortex air pump, the installation of the filter can be added, and the filter can be divided into two types, a common filter and a vacuum filter, wherein the vacuum filter The device can be used frequently. After a long period of use, the filter can be replaced directly. The whole effect is better. Because the stainless steel material is used, the appearance is relatively atmospheric; and the ordinary filter can be used. Washing or purging, although it can be used frequently, it can only filter substances with a relatively large volume, so customers also need to choose according to their own conditions, among which the vacuum filter is slightly more expensive.