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How to withstand the high temperature performance of the micro air pump
Dec 24, 2018

With the development trend of miniaturization of air pumps becoming more and more obvious, micro-pumps are becoming more and more widely used in reality. If they are distinguished by their high temperature resistance, micro-pumps can be divided into high-temperature and normal-temperature types. What is the difference between them?


For high-temperature micro air pumps, the media temperature allowed is 0-100 degrees Celsius, and there are multiple series of distinctions. When ordering a high-temperature micro air pump, the user must indicate the high temperature type. If it is only WKY1000-24V, the default is normal temperature type.

In comparison, the room temperature allowed by the normal temperature micro air pump is certainly not as large as the high temperature type, only 0-50 degrees. Whether it is a high-temperature air pump or a normal-temperature air pump, it is a long-term idling and dry rotation, which will not damage the pump.

When selecting a high-temperature micro air pump, when high-temperature water is extracted, gas is released from the water, and the pump will also pump air at this time, so the pumping flow rate is greatly reduced. This is a feature of the water-gas dual-purpose pump. In addition to air pumps, pumps also have this classification.

The same is true, whether it is a normal temperature pump or a high temperature micropump, they allow ambient temperatures of 0-40 degrees. Once this range is exceeded, it may adversely affect the equipment itself and its performance.