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Noise factors of air pump
Dec 24, 2018

The sound of the air pump is definitely caused by the vibration of the object. The airflow will cause a loud sound in the vibration. Therefore, during the operation and use of the air pump with a relatively large flow rate, the noise is affirmative and relatively large. Basically, it is formed by the vibration of the air pump in the early summer, or the sound of the airflow.

If the air pump is reasonably installed, the noise caused by vibration will be relatively reduced, but the airflow is the main source of noise. When the gas flows rapidly inside the gas, vibration noise occurs. It can't be avoided. Everyone should know this.

However, it is possible to set a suitable muffler in the air pump, and when selecting the muffler, we must not only have a good muffling effect, but also ensure that it is not too large in resistance, otherwise the flow rate of the gas will be weakened. Affect the normal use of the air pump, which will also affect the operation of the work.

Under normal circumstances, when the muffler is installed in the air pump, it is basically installed at the inlet or the exhaust port, and it needs to be installed with the system. Not all air pumps are suitable for the same installation method. Everyone needs special attention when installing.

Generally, when installing the air pump muffler, the elbow or the straight-through joint is used to connect the inlet or the exhaust port of the pump. The customer can adjust the installation according to his own equipment. Normally, it is installed. Imports and vents, because this installation is good.

However, if conditions permit, we should still install and connect according to the actual situation. The muffler that can be bought or seen in the market is basically required to be installed in a high-voltage system, so it is The resistance is relatively large, but it is very unsuitable for use in an air pump.