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What are the specific steps of the pneumatic pump pneumatic device?
Dec 24, 2018

The air pump we are talking about is actually an "air pump". In simple terms, we can observe that they are a device that removes air from an enclosed space or adds air from a closed space. In general, it can be divided into three types: electric air pump and manual air pump, and foot air pump. Of course, every kind of thing will be different.

In the following, we will introduce some operational procedures for the air pump pneumatic device, so that we can use it safely and can do some routine maintenance work. Of course, it should be noted here that these maintenance is applicable to the safety of the enterprise piston type air pump.

A: About the preparation before the experiment

First of all, we will do the relevant inspection work according to the instructions of the gas pump, including electrical, mechanical components, gas storage tanks, open welding, safety valves, etc., to ensure that they can work normally;

Also, when we check that the air pump is all right, check the pneumatic hose at this time and connect the hose to the air pump valve output.

Two: specific experimental steps

First, check the circuit accurately and make sure that the piston rod is retracted to its original position after confirming that the connection is correct. At this time, we also need to check the screws or nuts of each part to see if they are loose. Also, turn on the air pump and observe that the working pressure reaches 0.8Mp. At this time, the machine will stop working automatically. At this time, open the air valve, complete the start, and check the tightness of the belt.

The next step in the installation of the air pump is to check the piping, oil level, and system power. At this time, we need to open the switch accurately, and then perform a series of related operations to ensure that the cylinder rod retracts in the original position. And after the experiment is over, first turn off the 24V DC power supply, then turn off the air pump power.

In the end, let's talk about the precautions for pneumatic pumping. The first is that we don't add new oil to it during use; there is no need to use unnecessary oil and other miscellaneous oil waste oil to carry out unnecessary operations on it; the last point, it must also be noted that the air pump is running. If you have a power outage or use, please turn off the power!