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Whirlpool pump cleaning method
Dec 24, 2018

The vortex air pump always has such problems or problems in use. After analysis by professional personnel, most of the equipments fail during operation, mostly because the operators do not conduct comprehensive inspection before using the equipment, and later use the equipment. Not caused by timely cleaning afterwards.

In other words, since the vortex pump is not cleaned, it affects its next use. It seems that the cleaning of the vortex air pump is also skillful, otherwise it is difficult to thoroughly clean it, so that it has a good state to be put into the next use.

When cleaning the vortex air pump, its inside can not be wiped with a wet rag. If the water drops on the rag fall into the device, it will affect its use. Therefore, the internal cleaning method of the vortex air pump is to wipe with a clean cotton cloth, and the cotton cloth can be slightly wetted first to better remove the dirt.

When cleaning the oil wall outside the cooling water pipe of the vortex air pump, it should be noted that it is not possible to clean with acid and alkali, but to use hot water for cleaning, because the hot water has stronger oil removal ability. Make sure that the oil wall of the equipment is very clean.

In addition, after the vortex pump cleaning work is completed, it is necessary to wipe the outside and inside of the device with a dry rag to keep the device dry enough to avoid moisture. If these three points can be truly mastered, and the cleaning can be carried out regularly, the vortex air pump will certainly maintain better and the service life will be longer.