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Air Pump Maintenance
Dec 24, 2018

The maintenance of the air pump mainly includes the following:

(1) Before installing the air pump, first check whether the parts are damaged or loose during the transportation process, and if necessary, handle them in time.

(2) Flush the cooling fan by hand to check whether the fan can rotate flexibly. If there is a jam, find the cause and eliminate it.

(3) The air pump should be placed in a stable condition, and the environment should be well ventilated, preferably in a cool place.

(4) If it is a new air pump, it should be lubricated before starting, pay attention to lubrication.

(5) Check the oil level once a month, and the oil quantity should be added in time. The oil in the new air pump is replaced after 300 hours of use, and then every 3,000 hours.

(6) The direction of rotation of the air pump should be consistent with the direction marked.

(7) If the air pump has not been used for a long time, or has been overhauled, the air pump should be idling for about 2 hours before being used again, and then the test run for half an hour. If everything is ok, then it can be used officially.

(8) The suction pipe and the exhaust pipe should be properly connected, and there should be no air leakage in the pipe and joint.

(9) For some components, such as air filters, check and clean them regularly to avoid blockages and affect the normal operation of the air pump.

(10) For the connected parts, it should be checked regularly, usually once every six months. If it is damaged, it must be replaced and cannot be used.