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How To Judge The Mute Ability When Selecting A Pump
Dec 24, 2018

The air pump is an essential part of the aquarium system for the bath aquarium. There are still some problems in selecting a similarly used air pump. Therefore, based on our understanding of the air pump, some experiences have been summarized. I hope that I can help everyone and choose to fit. Air pump.

First of all, try to choose the brand's products. In general, the quality of the brand's air pump is basically guaranteed. The second is the selection of the specific air pump type. Many users pay attention to its mute function, but sometimes even the same air pump will have a difference in noise. Therefore, the selection at the time of purchase is extremely important.

In order to verify the mute effect of the air pump, it is necessary to see whether the outer packaging is complete, or whether there is any trace of being squeezed and obviously bumped, and if not, a deeper inspection is carried out. During the transportation of the air pump, if you do not pay attention to it, it will easily lead to the looseness of some parts, screws, cups, electromagnetic springs, etc. inside the pump. This is also one of the factors that cause resonance, and it is difficult to solve.

Then, the air pump is energized. Since the air pipe is not connected yet, the interior will be in a no-load state; and the comprehensive factors such as the air flow of the air outlet will inevitably have a large noise, which is irrelevant to the quality of the air pump. At this time, we can use our fingers to press and hold the air outlet, temporarily extinguish the sound of the air, listen carefully to the sound of vibration, and choose according to the size of the vibration sound.

In addition, don't forget to contact the air pump. The foot of the pump itself is in contact with fixed hard objects such as glass and table top. Repeat the above steps after power-on to see if the noise under contact is within the acceptable range. So decide whether you want to buy the pump.