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How To Prolong The Service Life Of Air Pump
Dec 24, 2018

The first thing to do is to reduce the adverse effects of temperature on the air pump. It is necessary to prevent the air pump from being overloaded at low temperatures and to prevent it from working at high temperatures. Therefore, in the operation of the air pump, it is necessary to check the values on various thermometers frequently, and find that the abnormality should be stopped for inspection, and must not be diseased.

At the same time, in the process of using the air pump, it is necessary to pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system. In particular, the water-cooled machine should be inspected before each use and added with cooling water. If it is air-cooled, it should be removed regularly. The dust on the air-cooled system ensures that the cooling air duct is unblocked.

Secondly, the influence of impurities on the air pump should also be avoided. Especially when the air pump is working in a harsh environment, on the one hand, it is necessary to learn to use high-quality, matching parts and lubricants and grease to reduce the source of impurities; It is necessary to do a good job of mechanical protection at the work site to prevent various impurities from entering the mechanical interior of the air pump.

It is also necessary to do anti-corrosion work on the air pump. For example, once the rainwater, the chemical substances in the air enter the air pump through the external passage of the mechanical parts, etc., the damage of the components will be accelerated. Therefore, in the application, the processing and operation personnel should carry out anti-corrosion treatment according to the local weather conditions and air pollution conditions in time, and reduce the influence of chemical corrosion on the machinery.

In addition, what can not be ignored is the working load of the air pump and its own raw materials, processing technology, etc. If the air pump can be improved in essence, its service life will naturally become longer.