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Practical Tips For Daily Maintenance Of Air Pumps
Dec 24, 2018

The daily maintenance of the air pump starts from the regular replacement of the vacuum oil. After the air pump is working in the machine for a period of time, there will be traces of metal iron filings, paper ash and fiber debris in the oil, which will wear the cylinder under working conditions. The air pump vacuum oil should be replaced in time. It should be noted that the air pump uses a special vacuum oil and cannot be replaced by ordinary oil.

It is then necessary to ensure that the air pump cooling tube is clean. There are more than a dozen cast aluminum tube cooling tubes inside the air pump. Their function is to cool the hot air in the pump. After a long period of work, the cooling pipe will be covered with a thick layer of grease and dust, which should be cleaned in time, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect, resulting in burning of the bearing and sliding blades.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the heat dissipation effect of the air pump is good. Under normal circumstances, the heat dissipation of the air pump is realized by the convection of hot and cold air. Therefore, the air pump should be placed in a place with large space, easy ventilation and heat dissipation. When the air pump is operated for a long time under high temperature conditions, the temperature of the pump body is high and the air pump is easily burned out.

In addition, the filter must be cleaned in a timely and regular manner. For the air pump, the main function of the filter is to filter the air. When the suction filter is inhaled, it is avoided to suck the paper ash into the air pump. When the air filter is blown, the oil mist is prevented from being blown to the surface of the paper. Therefore, periodically check the filter for leaks or damage and clean or replace it in time.

if the air pump has just been repaired, it is also necessary to check that all of its seals are in good condition. A slight failure will cause the air pump to leak, which will not be able to better serve the equipment.