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What Are The Problems With The Use Of Air Pump Specifications?
Dec 24, 2018

As a product of the air pump, the vortex pump and the vortex pump are included in the product. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have a general understanding of the pump so that everyone can understand the product at the same time. Being able to develop your own vision, enrich your knowledge and increase your knowledge, so that you can benefit a lot, so you can achieve good learning results, and then you can better use the knowledge you have learned, instead of wasting Drop it.

Question 1: On the air pump, how do you usually see a few P?

Generally, on the nameplate of the air pump, it will be clearly marked. The conversion is 100 kW for 75 kW, so it can be known after conversion.

Question 2: Can the cylinder and air pump be used together?

Cylinders and air pumps, they can be used together, but pay attention to the cylinder pressure, the maximum is 0.8MPa, but generally 0.4-0.6MPa.

Question 3: How to adjust the minimum starting air pressure of the air pump?

The minimum starting air pressure of the air pump is usually adjusted by the small hole with the red button on the air pump control box. Just adjust the screw inside to achieve the purpose.